Aroma Oil Massage
The classic massage is performed with highly effective essential oils. Give yourself a little time out and you will get the strength for your everyday life.

ca. 50 minutes 65,00 €

A gentle stroking massage for your back or your whole body. It provides protection, care and revitalization for all skin types. The result is your beautiful skin.

ca.30 minutes45,00 €

Allgäuer pine oil massage
Relieves tensions, muscle pain and rheumatic discomfort, headaches, promotes a positive sleep.

ca.50 minutes65,00 €

Pure energy massage
Organic ginger oil has an invigorating and revitalizing effect. Its spicy aroma sharpens the mental powers. Essential lime oil activates the skin with its gentle astringent effect. Its fruity-fresh scent raises the mood and invigorates.

ca. 50 minutes 65,00 €