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Aurum Manus®

... the noblest form of massage art - precious stone oil application "Aurum Manus" means "golden hands" Aurum Manus® is a flowing dance of warm hands in intimate contact with the body of the person being treated. The experience from a wide range of massage traditions combined with aromatherapy and oil-heated gemstones, as well as the stimulation of certain facial points and meridians, bring about a deep relaxation of body, soul and spirit.

Whole body:ca. 75 minutes 80,00 €



Aroma-Oil Massage
The classical massage done with highly effective natural oils. The aroma will stay in your mind to generate a positive mood.

whole  body:ca. 40 minutes 50,00 €
back:ca. 20 minutes 28,00 €

A gentle care for your back or for your body. It offers protection, restoration and revitalization for all skin types. The result is beautiful and healthy skin.

ca. 30 minutes42,00 €    

Sport Massage
After a nice and busy day, we care for your muscles to recover. Gather strength and endurance for your vacation and your everyday life..

whole body:ca. 40 minutes 50,00 €