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Cows Return Home

Cattle time is feast time

When about 30,000 cattle return from the succulent mountain pastures of the Allgäu Alps in September, they are expected by at least twice as many people.
These are, on the one hand, the farmers who have entrusted their young cattle to the alpine pastures over the summer and now bring the animals back to their stables.
The most important part, however, are guests who celebrate the traditional Allgäuer cattle-go with the peasants as a great national festival.

From spring to autumn

In the spring the Weiedevieh is driven to the high pastures of the Allgäu Alps. After three months in the mountains, the young cattle grew strongly.
If the herd can be drowned back into the valley without any losses - no misfortune such as a rockfall or a storm has led to the accident of a tiller - then the lead animals of the herd are decorated with a plaited wreath: the so-called wreath cow - any photo taken in the Allgäu.

September is high season

In the two weeks from the 10th to the 25th of September, high season will be held in 32 places along the alpine chain between Lake Constance and Königsschlössern.
All visitors and peasants are waiting early in the morning for the arrival of the flocks accompanied by bells and hooves.
This form of the Alpabtrieb is only available in the Allgäu Alps.

Festivities and celebrations of customs

In most places of the cattle shepherd, the organizers have set up huts. Around them there are sales booths and market stalls.
On the evening of the feast, the last "official" part of the cattle dynasty begins.
According to ancient tradition, the best shepherds are awarded with large cow bells.

Look forward to the Cattle-Show Season - Celebrate!