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Abhyanga - whole body oil massage

Feel and breathe back into your body. The massage relieves painful tension and stress with heated oils, stimulates sleep, cleanses and nourishes skin and tissue, strengthens the immune system and rejuvenates the entire organism.

ca. 80 minutes 110,00 €
ca. 105 minutes  130,00 €

Padabhyanga - Foot and leg massage with foot bath

Standing on clouds. The massage stimulates the circulation of the subtle energy flow and leads to deep relaxation. In addition to the nurturing aspect, this massage has a positive effect on insomnia, nervousness, exhaustion, dryness or numbness in the feet and brings the energy back into the flow.

ca. 40 minutes 70,00 €

Shiroabhyanga - head, neck, face massage

Pleasant massage of the ears, face, shoulders and cervical spine. It acts as a balancing act on the cerebral hemispheres and activates the upper energy centers. Just switch off and enjoy.

ca. 40 minutes 70,00 €

Upanashevada - back massage

A real treat for the back. In this warm oil massage spine, neck, shoulder problems and tension are counteracted and pre-bent, so that the force flows freely again to go through the world.

ca. 40 minutes 70,00 €