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A catwalk from the hotel: Neuschwanstein & other sights

Are you planning a longer stay in the mountains or a short break? Discover Füssen, the picturesque Lechstadt on the romantic road on the edge of the Allgäu and the Ammergauer Alps and their surroundings! Here, among other things, historically interested people get their money's worth, because the Hotel Schlosskrone and Neuschwanstein Castle are less than 5 km from each other, and the Hohenschwangau Castle is also close to our hotel in Fuessen!

During the yearly or short-term trip enjoy Füssen and the surrounding nature actively


Rarely is nature more diverse than in the Bavarian Königswinkel, because here are three landscape forms: gentle Allgäuer hills, the legendary wild mountain world and an idyllic lake landscape. Almost unlimited possibilities for an unforgettable holiday! Especially if you want to escalate the mountains, you will go far above the Neuschwanstein and  Hohenschwangau castles. The Königswinkel is surrounded in the south by the steep, over 2000 meters high peaks of the Ammergauer, Lechtaler and Tannheimer alps, the latter among Alpinisten are regarded as the "Dolomiten of the Northern Alps" and because of their challenging climbing routes a gladly driven goal.

Around Füssen, Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau: Tips of the hotel


But also, if you want to relax, you are right in the Königswinkel area! Around the city of  Fussen, 800-1200 m above sea level being Bavaria's highest city, are more than 11 lakes for bathing, water sports and walking along the riverwalks amidst a gentle plain. To the north and west are the colorful flower meadows of the hilly Prealps. Geologically, the entire landscape of the Königswinkel is a work of the last Ice Age, which we also owe to the Moors around Füssen and therefore valuable natural remedies, which are used in some of our health resorts. Another tip for a short holiday in Fussen!