The Musical Ludwig² in Fuessen – The king comes back

Last August, after more than a decade, the musical Ludwig² returned to its original location in Füssen with fulminant success.
About 30,000 enthusiastic visitors celebrated the moving performance around the life of the fairy tale king with every performance with standing ovations.

This summer fairy tale is also continuing this year, and the king returns to the festival hall with such wonderful musical phrases as “Kalte Sterne”, “Rosenkavaliere” or “In Palästen geboren”. August to 27.August 20 times the curtain in the Festival Hall in Füssen, one of Germany’s most beautiful theaters, embedded in a unique natural scenery.

The audience expects a unique musical and an experience for all the senses!
A first class cast, impressive stage sets and the intoxicating music let the visitor immersed themselves completely for a few hours in the fascinating sense world of the fairytale king Ludwig II! The musical with the music of Konstantin Wecker, Christopher Franke and Nic Raine and the book by Rolf Rettberg is one of the most beautiful and poetic works of the genre at all.

The costumes and scenery, the action and music, the lighting and the architecture of the theater melt together with the view of the real Neuschwanstein castle and the mystical mountain world of the surroundings to a unique overall experience.
The life and death of the “fairytale king” Ludwig II are to this day a mystery, which attracts people around the world. The Neuschwanstein Castle alone is visited annually by more than 1.5 million people who are fascinated by the fabulous aura of this unique building. Not without reason are numerous feature films, novels and documentaries of the fascinating and at the same time puzzling personality of Ludwig. His legendary life is a myth full of puzzles and revelations, but also full of romance and fantasy, providing enough material for a touching and extremely exciting musical.
The retreat of Ludwig from the warlike world of his time into the sensual romantic fairytale world of his castles tells a story of fear and flight from the imperfections of politics, from the intrigues of influential politicians, from the machinations of the lobbyists and from the despair of the inevitability of war, Suffering and destruction. Rescue sought Ludwig in the love for the Empress Elisabeth (“Sissi”), in the arts and the music and in the dream worlds of his numerous castles.

The life of Ludwig is shown as an inner struggle between the hope of a peaceful society oriented to the arts and nature, and a reality that mercilessly opposes this utopia.
The musical is about the wrestling of the adult king around the gloomy, pure world-picture of his childhood and the absolutely contrary, relentless reality. In this sense, the musical is a deep inner feeling of many people and makes Ludwig² one of the most emotional and moving musical ever written! In 2005, the celebrated world premiere of the work was held at the Füssen Festspielhaus, and in over two years, it attracted more than 350,000 enthusiastic spectators. Now the work finally returns to the original location – unique and only for 3 weeks!

The king remains an eternal riddle and provides enough material for a touching and extremely exciting musical. It is thriller and melodrama at the same time.

Let yourself be enchanted by one of the most beautiful musicals of our time!

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