Complete Relaxation

Abhyanga - Full body massage
It relieves painful tension and stress, improves sleep, cleanses and nourishes the skin and tissue and strengthens the immune system and thus rejuvenates the entire body.

ca. 60 minutes69,00 €
ca. 90 minutes 99,00 €

Padabhyanga - footmassage
It promotes the circulation of subtle energy flow and leads to deep relaxation. In addition to the care aspect this massage is for insomnia, nervousness, fatigue, dryness, or numbness in the feet positively.

ca. 30 minutes45,00 €

Shiroabhyanga - headmassage
Relaxing massage of the ears, face, shoulders and neck. It has a balancing effect on the brain hemispheres and activates the upper energy centers.

ca. 30 minutes49,00 €

Upanashevada - backmassage
A real treat for the back. During this massage, spinal problems and tensions of the back is prevented.

ca. 30 minutes44,00 €

Udvartana - bodymassage
Peeling massage with herbals and cereals. The skin is cleansed to pores, circulation and metabolism activated. The fit-makers among the ayurvedical treatments

ca. 75 minutes79,00 €

Garshan - silk glove massage
Gently stimulating metabolism and lymph full body massage with a natural raw silk glove.

ca. 60 minutes75,00 €

Salt Oil Massage – body peeling
A soothing back massage with sea salt. The salt has a purifying effect, your skin will be silky soft, smooth and shines with a silky luster. Particularly suitable for dry and scaly skin

ca. 45 minutes55,00 €