Time just for myself

With a special oxygen-active massage oil and a corresponding massage technology oxygen is supplied to the muscle and tissue immediately. With this treatment tenseness and muscle ache can be prevented and treated.

back massage:ca. 30 minutes  49,00 €

Aroma-Oil Massage
The classical massage done with highly effective natural oils. The aroma will stay in your mind to generate a positive mood.

whole  body:ca. 40 minutes 50,00 €
back:ca. 20 minutes 28,00 €

A gentle care for your back or for your body. It offers protection, restoration and revitalization for all skin types. The result is beautiful and healthy skin.

ca. 30 minutes42,00 €    

Sport Massage
After a nice and busy day, we care for your muscles to recover. Gather strength and endurance for your vacation and your everyday life..

whole body:ca. 40 minutes 50,00 €

face and head massage
A gentle activating metabolism massage for your face and head. We consciously avoid oil so that the lymphcirculation is supported.

ca. minutes 42,00 €