Just floating

Enjoy a hovering sensation that lets your muscles relax and soothes the warmth of your body.
For a wellness massage, high-quality creams or oils are applied to your body.
Your skin can absorb the active ingredients optimally while you relax from everyday life.

Cleopatra pack

We support your skin with moisturizing, slightly refatting ingredients with vitamins and minerals.

Chocolate cream pack
A high-quality cream pampers your skin and leads to a relaxed regeneration.


Honey cream pack
A relaxing detoxification of the organism over the skin.


Evening primrose oil pack
A strong refatting treatment that activates the cells and counteracts aging.


30 minutes for only 40 € 

We are looking forward to welcome you in the Schlosstherme!

Treatment bookings are welcome to be made with your room booking. Thank you!

goldene Krone

Relaxation near Neuschwanstein!