Just floating

We pamper your body with substances that are applied with a relaxing spa massage. In the heated water floating bed your skin absorbes the ingredients to make you look great.


Relax in a firming algae wrap with high mineral and protein content

Moisturizing vitamins and minerals are supplied to your skin

A stimulating and relaxing effect on your soul. Simultaneously it prevents  your skin


A relaxing detoxification of the organism through the skin


A highly effective moisturizing treatment that activates the cells


Seaweed activation Floating
Seaweed combined with sea salt hydrates the skin the vital power of the sea


Alpine Sport and Vital Floating
A package based on alpine extracts  to improve circulation and release tension


1 hour for only 60 € 

We are looking forward to welcome you in the Schlosstherme!

Treatment bookings are welcome to be made with your room booking. Thank you!

goldene Krone

Relaxation near Neuschwanstein!