The castle "Linderhof"

The smallest castle of Ludwig II is surrounded by a picturesque castle park with water games, the Venusgrotte and the Moorish kiosk.

In 1868 Ludwig II developed the first building projects for Linderhof. However neither the planned project of a Versailles-inspired castle in the valley level nor the project for the construction of a large Byzantine palace were executed.

The centerpiece of the construction activities was the former forester's house of his father Maximilian II.
At the time, this was at the present court square, and the king had already visited the king as a crown prince during hunting trips with his father. This was the result of the long building and conversion time of Schloss Linderhof.
The castle is also the only large palace building that King Ludwig II accomplished.

The conversion from the forester's cottage to the villa had sufficient impact on the whole surroundings of the castle. In 1874, the final planning of the park was finished by Hofgarten Director Carl Joseph von Effner.

1885/86 the last reconstruction phase of the castle was initiated. The bedroom as the main room was enlarged and extended to the north.

King Ludwig II no longer experienced the completion of the new bedroom


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Moorish kiosk
The castle "Linderhof"
Grotto of Venus

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